Pink MouthVortex OriginalUSA-Blowjob Masturbator FM-003

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FLASHLIGHT Pink Mouth Vortex Original USA - Blowjob Masturbator

Super feeling & realistic mouth!

The Flashlight Pink Mouth Vortex is a new class of Flashlight that feature not only incredibly stimulating inner textures, but also offer variances in the canal diameter. The Pink Mouth Vortex features four spiraled chambers, giving you the feeling of an expertly executed blowjob. It took the folks at Flashlight over a year to develop this insert and most guys agree that it was time well spent! But watch out- the alternating feeling of suction and squeezing is sure to cause Flashlight addiction.
Add in some lubricant and a Mangasm tool for the ultimate orgasmic experience.

Flashlight Pink Mouth Vortex

Take oral action to a new level, the Vortex level! This special series of diagonal ribs that line the inside of the Flashlight, work and resist with your erection during penetration. This unusual sensation tests your pleasure sensors leaving you unable to resist and sub-come to orgasm.

Flashlight's are already tight offering pure intimacy with its delicate touch Real Feel Superskin material. A highly durable, state of the art material that's able to retain it's original shape as though it were brand new. Yes!, even with wild rides and able to take on any size cock, it will continue to please you after many, many uses.

One of the most popular male masturbators on the market, the Flashlight comes in many variations. The Pink Butt Vortex gives the visual of a soft pink anus in the standard black Flashlight Case with the Vortex Sleeve.

What is a Flashlight? Flashlight represents the next step in the evolution of male masturbation. Here’s why the Flashlight is unique:

  • Unlike many male masturbators, the Flashlight’s patented design includes a hard outer Case that contains the Flashlight Sleeve. Not only does this Case contribute to the Flashlight’s distinctive look, it also makes using the product easier and keeps the ‘mess’ to a minimum. An added bonus to their Case design is that it offers the user the ability to control the level of suction during use (by tightening or loosening the end cap) further heightening the experience.
  • Their patented SuperSkin material is unlike anything available on today’s market. Phthalate free and non-toxic, you are bound to be impressed by the realistic feel of this material.
  • All Flashlight products are produced in the United States and their highly trained staff closely monitors quality control in order to ensure that every Flashlight that leaves their facility meets their highest standards for quality. 

The Flashlight is composed of two corresponding parts, the Flashlight Case and Flashlight Sleeve.

  • The Case is discreetly designed to resemble a common flashlight and is available in black with this model. Each end of the Flashlight Case features a removable ‘cap.’ The larger cap is removed during use and exposes the Flashlight Vortex Sleeve. The smaller cap on the opposite side controls the level of suction the user experiences during use and can be removed to assist with easy cleaning.
  • The soft, supple, pliable Flashlight Vortex Sleeve is made from Super Skin, a patented material that is unmatched in replicating the feel of real skin. The first of a new class of insert sleeves that feature not only incredibly stimulating textures, but also variance in canal diameter, the four spiraled chambers of the Vortex will bring you to dizzying pleasure. This insert was designed to create a mesmerizing combination of suction, texture, and an unforgettable squeeze as you pass through each pleasure chamber.

    The sleeve with this unit is non-toxic, phthalate-free, easy to clean, and will last for years with proper care. The sleeve is easily removed from the Flashlight Case for cleaning and you can use the same Flashlight Case with multiple sleeves. Remove the Sleeve from the Case prior to use and heat the sleeve in warm water for a few minutes. The material will retain the heat remarkably well and friction will do the rest. Replace the Sleeve inside the Flashlight Case, generously lubricate the product and rinse the Sleeve and Case with warm water after use.


  • Color: Pink
  • Orifice: Butt
  • Canal Diameter: 1/2 inch
  • Canal Texture: Vortex
  • Length: 10 inches
  • Diameter: 4 inches to 2.5 inches
  • Case: Black Case Included

Patented Flashlight Case Design

Open Fleshlight CaseYour purchase includes a Black Flashlight case fashioned after a standard flashlight. The sleeve can be easily removed from its case for easy cleaning after use. Your Flashlight case is perfect for storing your sex toy as discreetly as possible.

Fleshlight End Cap AdjustmentOur patented product design allows the sleeve to stretch and press against the case during use, maintaining proper pressure and resistance throughout your "flight."

We've added several "vents" that are built into the threads on the smaller end of the Flashlight case. Tightening or loosening the end cap allows you to control the amount of suction enjoyed during use.

If you're concerned about noise or disturbing roommates or family in the next room, you can loosen the end cap to its fully open position and masturbate quietly with minimal amounts of suction.

Our Flashlight Cases are compatible with most Flashlight Sleeves making it easy for you to expand your collection by sampling a wide variety of sleeves with various designs and textures without having to purchase a new case each time. However, storing your Flashlight Sleeve in a corresponding case is highly recommended in order to keep your sleeve in the best possible condition.

How to Use Your Flashlight Product

  1. Whether your sleeve is shipped inside of its case or in a separate clamshell, before use inspect the inside of the sleeve for a shipping rod. Not all sleeves include a shipping rod, but if it's there you MUST remove it before use. The shipping rod keeps the sleeve from shifting inside the case or packaging while in transit.Rinse Sleeve in Warm Water

  2. Rinse your Flashlight sleeve in warm water before use. Soaking it in the sink for a few minutes works best. PROTIP: A warm sleeve is far more enjoyable than a cold or room temperature sleeve.

  3. Place your sleeve back into the Flashlight Case.

  4. Thoroughly lubricate yourself and the inside of your Flashlight Sleeve with any water-based lubricant. We recommend our Fleshlube Water as it was specifically designed for use with Flashlight products. IMPORTANT: You must use a water-based lubricant when enjoy your Flashlight Sleeve. Silicone or oil-based lubricants will destroy your SuperSkin sleeve and must never be used.

  5. Adjust the end cap in order to control the amount of suction that is created inside of your Flashlight product during use.

  6. Masturbate until climax (this is the good part).Fleshlube Water

  7. Once finished, simply rinse both your Flashlight Sleeve and case in warm water. Use ourFleshwash to disinfect and thoroughly clean the Flashlight Sleeve.

  8. Shake off excess water and allow the sleeve and case to dry.

  9. PROTIP: Lightly powder your sleeve with Flashlight Renewing Powder to keep your sleeve soft and smooth to the touch.

  10. Once dried and powdered, place the Flashlight sleeve back into its case and store until next time!

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