G-Spot Stimulation Vibrator Prostate Anal Massager AD-003

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  • Size:   Length can be inserted: 9.8cm, diameter: 2.5cm
    Color:  Purple / Pink (leave us your color or delivery random color)

    Material:  ABS plastic + electronic components
    Battery: 1.5VN/LR 1 (8) batteries (Include)

    Both men and women use the multi-vibration! The nature of a soft material with ultra-scalable outstanding! To stimulate women`s G-spot and oppression male`s prostate, to massage orgasm 
    - To stimulate the male G deepest pleasure spots "prostate",  so that men can also experience the pleasure of women.
    - In accordance with the ergonomic design of the curve and the curvature and shape and can be in-depth China.
    - New independent switch, vibration free.
    - Both men and women can use.


    Before use, please clean the anus with warm, soapy water and coated with the appropriate lubricant (usually lubricants can be). After the first the body lying on his side, to keep the bottom leg straight and the legs above the knee as close to the stomach position.
    Please start using the prostate slowly inserted into the anus to the half-axis length of about 1-2 inches, then slide into the rectum of prostate-axis will be automatically and accurately stimulate the prostate [Please note that the use of crank arm keep the perineum, the credit must be accurate live in the perineum (located in the middle of the anus and scrotum) and dried to ensure that the perineum perineal crank arm will not slip. 
    Usual axis just inserted will feel the prostate to urinate, this is normal.
         When the prostate shaft inserted into the anus, the first sensation would be, in order to ensure the best feeling, please take a short break at this time 10-20 minutes, we recommend at this time to do some breathing exercise. Inhale slowly, about 4-8 seconds, and stay for about a few seconds, then exhale slowly about 4-8 seconds, relax and concentrate on the stimulated site, then will gradually eliminate foreign body sensation. 
    After continued slow breathing and began to slowly shrink sphincter contraction inhale, exhale to relax the sphincter.
    Contraction of about 20-30 times after exercise, the body has reached new heights for their savings. At this point, can start touching the sensitive parts of the body, but remember not to stimulate the penis, will lead to ejaculation.


    Expert Q & A What magic wand prostate anal G point? 
    Male G point wand medical research by the United States, designed and patented. Medical experts found that modern anatomy of the legend with the ancient oriental mystical passions of human male G area and design point of a magic wand. Use of male G point wand will immediately wake up the general neglect of the passions of human nerves. It is the male G point wand of rectal sphincter by stimulating the perineum and then reach the climax of the prostate produces the G points to a patented product, by which men can achieve without ejaculation and there are "strong and continuous," "full of the body" climax state, non-sexual skills of traditional can be compared. 

    Does anal sex toys like the other? 
    No, male G shock Prostate Massager is a patented invention of the prostate massage is not just a toy. G Baby Magic is designed to stimulate the male G point - the prostate, the male G Prostate Massager vibration can lead a man to reach the climax of different levels of experience, a systemic high tide. 
    What is perineal massage the point? 
    About the size of a dice, in the middle of the anus and the scrotum. Point in the perineum, the possession of many nerve center, when the male G shock Prostate Massager stimulates these nerves to the anus while stimulating the prostate through the peripheral and body. 

    Prostate massage cause pain? 
    Gently massage the prostate does not produce discomfort, the right to say: use of male G Prostate Massager vibration will produce a very comfortable feeling. 

    G points prostate anal wand will be very difficult to use or put into it? 
    Vibration Prostate Massager Male G is very easy to use. Must first apply the appropriate lubricant and relax. 

    May I ask how the male G vibration massage stick inserted into the prostate, there is the front? 
    Vibration Prostate Massager Male G is divided into three parts: a prostate-axis, the second crank arm for the perineum, the three crank arm for the perineal prostate axis, started first inserted into the anus slowly to half of prostate-axis length of about 1 -2 inches, then slide into the prostate-axis will automatically stimulate the rectum and accurately to the prostate [Please note that the use of crank arm keep the perineum must be accurately pointed at the perineum (located in the middle of the anus and scrotum) and to ensure that drying the perineum crank arm so that the perineum will not slip. 

    Will need to use lubricant, and if so, that better? 
    Use the right amount of lubricant is necessary in order to make men shake G Prostate Massager used properly. We suggest that you use water-soluble lubricant. 

    Point anal wand prostate the size of G? 
    G points prostate anal wand about the size of a width of 2.5 cm. Length of 10 cm. 

    G anal wand prostate the size of the right point for me? 
    98% of the same prostate position and vibration Prostate Massager Male G will find themselves the exact location of your prostate. 

    That position is the best? 
    According to our study, the best position lie flat sideways. First the body lying on his side, to keep the bottom leg straight and the legs above the knee as close to the stomach position. 

    How often can use a wand prostate anal point G? 
    We recommend the use of vibration Prostate Massager Male G 1 week 2-3 times, every 30 minutes. 

    Use of excessive vibration Prostate Massager Male G would harm it? 
    Never heard of anyone present from the use of vibration Prostate Massager Male G and cause injury. 

    How long will be effective? 
    Everyone is different, some people will use the first shock Prostate Massager Male G to have multiple orgasm. All of the reaction depends on the physical and mental awareness, so a lot of practice, the body can speed up the adaptation and psychological G men feel the prostate vibration massage stick, then you can feel the multi-level continuous climax. 

    What is a super high tide? 
    Super climax is a multi-level, non-ejaculation, the body of a climax. 

    About how long to use, I can experience super high tide? 
    The answer is the same as how long the problem would be effective, some people can reach the first use of super-high tide, but some require a longer time to adjust to the prostate male G shock stick, as a whole in terms of: more practice using the male G Prostate shock stick, you are more likely to experience a super climax. 

    How do I clean the male G shock Prostate Massager? 
    Vibration Prostate Massager Male G is the U.S. FDA approved medicine made from medical materials by; very easy to clean, soapy water can be used generally.

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