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Rotation Lover - 5 Functions of Rotation

The future of masturbation is here! BAILE cooperating with American International Group in creating this luxury brand series "Rotation Lover" - this masterpiece of male pleasure has a textured internal sleeve that actually twists, spins and rotates around your shaft!

A fully automatic masturbation machine offering a sensational experience with its powerful 5 speed of rotation patterns. Rotation Lover brings into reality the masturbation dream of every man to climax without ever having to move one's hand. Its silicone soft rubber interior wraps around and envelopes your penis. The same strong pleasure of intercourse or fellatio is experienced by the stimulating rubbing produced by Rotation Lover's inner rotation.

Rotation Lover was developed due to the overwhelming feedback of men who wanted "affordable version" of similar tool that can bring them to the climax at a touch of a button with its powerful motor, even a big penis would not be able to stop Rotation Lover's powerful rotations.

The culture of masturbation will never be the same! Now, you can really enjoy the pleasure anytime. It will caress your penis as long as you want, climax as many times as you want.

The special features of Rotation Lover:
- "Gun Type Holder" All-IN-ONE holder/casing design - no need to have a separate / another devices for batteries holder/casing & controller

- Simple 2 buttons ; easy to operate with 5 speed / function of rotation patterns

- Can be powered by batteries (4 x AA) or USB power input
- Material: The excellent environmental protecting superior silicone ; smooth, non-toxic and phthalate free

- Waterproof

- Warranty: 3 days after receiving of goods and only accept replacement due to manufacturing defects

- Manufacturer : BAILE (International Trusted & Reliable Brand)
Manufacturer approved by STATE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION - FDA ; RoHS Compliance ; EMC Compliance (CE) ; United States Patent & Trademark Office




Rotate Valentine 5 Mode male massage tailored specifically for male friends.In order to enjoy the process more wonderfulrotary lover five male massageemulation mode while breaking the traditional design system, in theproduct design process to fully take into account their aesthetics and functionality, but also concerned about the performance of their produceSosexy extraordinary pattern of rotation lover five male massage reachedfashion, mystery and aesthetic realm



5 Mode Rotate Valentine very intimate male massage consideration to each of the different physical characteristics of male friends, and strictly control product shapes and sizes, making it enough to meet the different needs of each male.



Rocket shape


Rockets, lightweight design, do not worry about revealing personal secretscarryblack and silver exterior with a waist, is the latest fashion trend




Perfect simulation openings


According to the Asian female body constructed to simulate the perfectwomen's private parts, so that more visual impact, so happy to double the fun




Perfect fit with the palm grip


Grip design fully into account the conditions of the user's palm, frommechanics and ease of use both to be perfect for single-handed operation, allowing more freedom happiness



A variety of play

You can own use, you can also sharewith the couplemale massagesensitive areasto explore the intimateplay between couples, so gather a variety of pleasure, with explosivethrill



Rotate lover male massage 5 Mode feature is very convenient to use and canprovide a variety of health for the discerning choice of sensory stimulation.Product is very strong, but the real touch but did not discountOptionalbattery or USB power link use, you can use repeatedlyvibrator motor soundeven lighter than people whisperingRotate lover male massage uses fivemodes is beyond your expectation of high-tech material, and be able to develop more innovative features


5 rotating massage 5rotating massage modes

5 kinds of massage modesalternately rotating shift, so you really know how topleasure a rhythm, like thecompletion of the mostbeautiful women withdifferent body HIGH tideexperience, this is a perfect enjoyment


Internal long whiskers massage

Massage Massage wallcovered with long beard, just as the perfect women'sfirmness andappropriate, make youenjoy a more fit body feels more supple



Ultra-quiet performance, allowing you to stay away from using unpleasant and noisy, so you are completelyimmersed in the pleasure ofbeing, enjoy its beauty


Operator interface

Simple user interface, two keybutton control is turned off,the rotation frequencyenhancement weakened, avibrational mode, allowingyou to easily grasp, operating freely


Dual-mode power supply

You can use 4 AA batteries orUSB connection powereddual-mode


Rotate lover five male massage mode quality characteristics embodied in the use of materials and processing technology held honestySpecial attention to the selection of raw materials and components to ensure compliance with biocompatiblenon-toxic, and absolutely free o-xylylene, fully meet CE and FDA standards.


ABS safety

High purity silica

Environmentally safe ABS plasticand TPE, non-toxic and tasteless.Excluding titanatesSafe to useso do not worry

Pure silicone is now much used in medicine as a substitute for the internal organization of the bodymaterialSilicone material can simulate realistic human skinhave similar human touch. On the human body without any side effects, no smell, so you do not need to worry about security issues。 






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  • Shipping Weight: 1000lbs
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